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Inventory / Stock Management

Features of Inventory Management Software

  • Sales Order Entry
  • Purchase Requisition (PR)
  • Purchase Order To Supplier (PO)
  • GRN (Goods Received & Rejection at Gate)
  • Bill Of Material (BOM)
  • Daily Production – Conversion Of Raw Material To Finished Products.
  • Material Movement Tracking – Tracking Of Material at Vendor (for painting, other processes etc.)
  • Calculation Of Inventory – Op. Balance + purchases +/- material conversion (production) +/- material sent and received from vendor (for processing) – sale – scrap.

Stock / Inventory Management System in Lahore

Inventory Management software in Lahore helps in tracking material movement for raw material, semi-finished items as well as finished items.  Inventory / Stock management system can manage the inventory for manufacturing as well as trading companies.

Genxe is one of the best Agency inventory management system in Lahore, we can do customizations as per the client requirements, we do provide solution for small business inventory software.

Our inventory management software offers the following features

  • Comprehensive product master record.
  • Option of multiple pricing per item.
  • Define Units of Measure and conversions.
  • Batch/lot and serial number processing.
  • Material Movement Management
  • Material issue slip
  • Print option for pick and dispatch documents.
  • Delivery Chalan and invoice generation
  • Material return
  • Confirmation of receipts (GRN).
  • Goods receipt matching and inspection.

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