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Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting Company in Lahore

When the server requirement is mammoth to a level that procuring resources individually could turn our costlier, reseller programs can help businesses do away with extensive capital investments and operating expenses. Genxe offers unlimited reseller programs that allow SMEs to acquire bulk hosting for their business and later reuse/resell them as per the demands.

Cheap Reseller Hosting

Bring the Genxe convenience to your business with our unlimited reseller hosting. Cheap Reseller hosting in Lahore allows you to purchase a host’s services wholesale and then remarket and sell them as your own to squeeze in some profit. The original host will handle all the server-related tasks and inquiries, allowing you to focus on marketing instead. Cheap Reseller hosting is the go-to for web-development companies that need to host a server on behalf of the third-party client. There is virtually no limit as to how much space you can rent on our server. Subsequently, you can buy unlimited reseller hosting if you can. The original host will provide support to reseller’s clients. However, the communications might have to be directed from the reseller to the host before they can be solved.

Nonetheless, a reseller account will buy you sufficient rights to fix most problems your clients will encounter. The reseller is also granted the specified portion of hard disk, bandwidth, and is free to customize the service at his will. A Web development company is most likely to be a reseller. With data centers across several locations, Genxe is the best host from where to wholesale your best reseller hosting.

Our data centers are so enormous so as to allow cheap unlimited reseller hosting, and we’d still have enough space to accommodate a million resellers more. Let go4hosing can cater to your requirements, regardless of how colossal it is, or how weird it might sound. Leverage our affordable plans that come packed with a dedicated customer support. Get Genxe advantage for your business today!

As a reseller, you are free to build a service model of your choice. Moreover you get to avail our services at wholesale rates. In the end, the deal is beneficial for you because you can churn out considerable profit margins. is the best reseller hosting provider in Lahore. At competitive prices, you can leverage purpose-built hosting packages which help you to drive your business forward. There is no need to integrate obsolete software solutions because out comprehensive server management strategies motorize your server with appropriate value added features.

Reseller Hosting Technical Specification

We at Genxe reseller hosting pay good attention to technical specifications as we are one of the best reseller hosting in the market. We go one mile ahead in providing more than just an ideal reseller hosting services in Lahore. Out of all these meetings, the technical specifications are something that we keep on priority. These are some technical specifications that we keep on top of our heads.


We make sure that at least 2.00GB RAM requirements must be fulfilled. But we have additional paid services that can be availed to increase your memory as per your requirements.


We have a clear idea about the storage requirements for any established or rising business enterprise. Thus our services speak for the same and provide no less than 25.00GB SSD of storage.


Unlimited email services are something that is the demand of every business in today’s scenario. Keeping this in mind we provide IMAP, SMTP and Webmail services.


As the world has got digital, online data has increased exponentially. For this level of digital data, every business requires world-class processors. Our best reseller hosting service provides powerful processors without any question.

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